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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big will the puppy be when full grown?

A: Most of our girls will mature to be 13-14 inches tall and

22 - 28 pounds. The boys will be 14-15 inches tall and can range from

25 - 32 pounds.

Q: Will the puppy be current on all vaccinations?

A: The puppies are vaccinated at 8 weeks. If you pick up your puppy before 8 weeks, it won't come with the first vaccination. If your puppy goes to it's new home after 8 weeks, it will and a vaccination record will will be provided with your puppy. The puppies flying to their new homes will arrive with a current health certificate.

Q: Do they do well living in an apartment?

A: As long as your schedule allows you to give them a couple of walks they will do fine in an apartment or small living space.

Q: Do Puggles get along with other animals?

A: Like a dream! We have 3 cats, 6 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 cows, and a bearded dragon and all of our dogs get along great with all of them!

Q: Do they bark alot?

A: None of our adult Puggles are not barkers, but this can sometimes vary depending on each individual puppy's personality.

Q: Do they chew?:

A: Like any breed of dogs, they will go through a puppy phase of chewing. Our Puggles love an old sock tied it in a knot or squeeky toys.

Q: Do they shed?

A: Like any other breed, they will shed a bit. Their shedding is minimal due to their extreme short hair.

Q: Do we get to choose our own puppy?

A: Yes, you do get to choose your own puppy. I am happy to send a very detailed description of each puppy's personality. I will ask what characteristics you prefer and try to match you with the perfect puppy.

Q: Will the puppy be spayed or neutered?

A: No, puppies are not spayed or neutered.   

Q: Is it safe to ship puppies by air and what is involved in the process?

A: YES! The shipping of puppies is considered "priority" with special handling and regulations for pets. This means that the USDA monitors the transportation of pets with numerous guidelines and requirements in order to ensure puppy safety, health and well-being. Your puppy is provided with soft and absorbent bedding inside the travel crate (pet carrier) to make the journey more comfortable. We ship from Grand Junction, Colorado using Delta Airlines.The price for air shipment is an additional $350.00. We need at least a one week notice to arrange everything necessary for an air delivery. During this week, we do vet checks and airline reservations.

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