Colorado Puggles - Cutest Puggles In The West!
All of our puppies are sold!
If you are interested in either placing a deposit or being added to the contact list for future litters, 
Please call or text Kindra at (970) 250-9418 with questions.   
Our puppies sell very quickly!!!  
Our puppies sell for $850 each.  
Deposit amount to reserve a puppy is $250 which will go towards the final balance.
Sorry for the sideways photos.  Text me for better photos. 
Wattles - Male Tri-Color Fawn - SOLD
Clover - Male - Tri-Color Black - SOLD
Lilly - Female - Fawn with small white dot on chest - SOLD
Violet - Female - Black Tri-Color - SOLD
Rose - Female - Fawn - SOLD
Daisy - Female - Black Tri - Color - SOLD
Lilac - Female - Fawn with White on chest and tipped toes - SOLD
Tulip - Female Black & Tan - SOLD
“Joy" - Female - Brown & Black, no white - runt -SOLD
"Rudolf" - Male - Brown & Black, white tipped toes, 
white chest, white goatee - SOLD
"Star" - Female - Brown & White, white tipped toes, 
white chests, brown cheeks, white goatee - SOLD
"Jingles" - Female - Brown & Black, brown cheeks, 
white goatee - SOLD
"Lola" - Female - Black, white tipped rear toes,
white chest, white goatee - SOLD
"Bell" - Female - Black & Brown, white tipped toes on all four, left white sock on front, white on chest, white goatee - SOLD 
"Shortbread" - Female - Tri Color Fawn - SOLD

Previous Sold Puppies:
Lucy - Mom
"Cortez"  - Tri-Colored Female - SOLD

"Aspen" - Very unique blonde female - SOLD
"Vail" - Light colored tri-colored female - SOLD
"Mack" - Tri-colored male - He is the smallest - SOLD
"Sterling" - Dark Fawn Male - SOLD 
Previous Puppies Sold
Roxy - Mom
"Phoenix" - SOLD
Male - Lighter colored Fawn with white on chest, all four white 
tipped toes, and a goatee.  
"Gilbert" - SOLD
Male - Fawn with little white on chest, no white tipped toes
"Cochise" - SOLD
Male - Fawn with white on chest, four white tipped toes, and a goatee
"Bisbee" - SOLD
Female - Fawn - White on chest, white tipped toes, and a goatee
"Mesa" - SOLD
Female - Dark Fawn with dot on chest - smallest of the litter
"Winslow" - SOLD
Male - Rotti color with white on chest
"Pason" - SOLD
Male - Dark Fawn with white streak on chest - Avail

"Tuscon" - SOLD
Male - Silver Fawn - White diamond on chest, white front tipped toes 
"Chandler" - SOLD
Male - Black with silver on chest and front legs

"CAPTAIN AMERICA" - Tri-Colored Male - SOLD
White tipped tail, white on neck front and back, white on face, four white legs and toes.
"Iron Man" - Dark Fawn Male - SOLD
White on chest
"Electra" - Dark Fawn Female - SOLD
"Thor" - Light Fawn Male - SOLD
Four white tipped toes, a white goatee, and white on chest
"Wonder Woman" - Fawn Female - SOLD
White tipped toes, white goatee, white on nose
Roxy's Puppies - Only Two - Born on May 5th, 2016
Both are females
"Zeena" Light fawn - SOLD
"Storm" - Black, tan and white - SOLD
Previously Sold Puppies:
"Merry" - Female - SOLD
Black and tan with small white patch on chest.  
She will look like a little Rottweiler.  
"Vixen" - Male - SOLD
Traditional Fawn Coloring, no white.  
"Silver Bells" - Male - SOLD
Dark Silver Fawn with no white markings
"Snow Drop" - Female - SOLD
Tri-Color with white chest, 4 white socks, white tipped tale, white on head, forehead 
and nose, and a cute white spot on back of neck.  She will be absolutely beautiful!!! 
"Prancer" - Male - SOLD
Traditional Fawn Coloring with white on chest, white tipped hind toes, 
and a white goatee.  
"Dancer" - MALE -SOLD
Dark Fawn with a small white marking on chest, slight white tipped front toes, 
and white tipped hind toes.  Super Cute!!!
"Twinkle Toes" - Male - SOLD
Unique Tri-color - 4 white tipped toes, white chest, white goatee.
"Elsa" - Female - SOLD
Fawn with white speck on chest and white hind toes
"Kristoff" - Male - SOLD
Fawn with white on chest, goatee, and four white toes.
"OAKEN" - Male - SOLD
Fawn with white chest, a little goatee, and four white toes.
"Olaf" - Male - SOLD
Very unique blonde with small white stripe on forehead
Please refer to the photo below to see what he will look like. 

"Reba" - Female - SOLD
"Waylon" - Male -SOLD
"Toby" - Male - SOLD
"Hank" - Male - SOLD
"Willie" - Male - SOLD
"Luke" - Male - SOLD
Here are photos of our previous batches of Puggle puppies.  
"Chocolate Chip" - Male - SOLD
Fawn with black mask, two rear white tipped toes
"Snickerdoodle" - Female -SOLD 
Very unique blonde with white on nose, forehead, and chest.  
"Reeces" - Female -SOLD
Light awn with black mask, white on chest, 3 white tipped toes.
"Dot" - Female - SOLD 
Black ears, white socks, white on chest, tri-color
"Milky Way" - Female - SOLD
Fawn with black mask, white on chest, chin, nose and 4 white toes.
"Speck" - Male -SOLD
Fawn with black mask, white dot on chest, white tiped back toes.
Here are more photos of previous puppies...
They are so ADORABLE!!! 

"Clark" - SOLD
"Daisy & Dan" - SOLD
"Jingles" - SOLD - Black, brown, white male
"Duke"- SOLD - Fawn Male w/ white on chest & chin
SUGAR - SOLD - Light Fawn Male w/ 4 white toes & white chest
"Cowboy" - SOLD
"Spur" -SOLD
"Roxie" - SOLD
"Wrangler" -SOLD(middle puppy)
"Bell Star" -SOLD

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